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La Bonne Mère

Average Score: 69
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Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 60 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: From the label: 'La Bonne Mère' of THE PASTIS HOUSE is the result of historical research. At the end of the 19th century, alot of distilleries were producing Absinth [sic] all around Marseille. Contrary to the Jurassian 'Vertes' (Greens) and in order to keep them light, what with the sun beating down, star anis was more dominant than green anis in these Marseille Absinths and they were sweetened with liquorice following the prohibition of absinth plant distillation (1915), they quite naturally shifted to Pastis. Good 'regalade'! 'LA BONNE MÈRE is an exlucsive product distilled by Paul DEVOILLE for PASTIS HOUSE.
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Reviewed by Bruno Rygseck 5/18/2008

Thin greyish green, looks natural but is somewhat off.

Rather quick louche, thick and turbulent when water was poured.

Too white to be a verte but almost milk-thick when fully louched. Not unappetizing or ugly in any way, though.

AROMA 21/30
Before water the aroma is between medicinal and fruity, after water similar but weaker. Delicious and well recognizable as absinthe to the nose. When sipped, wormwood aroma rises from mouth to nose. It is so much stronger than usually found in distilled absinthes that I wonder whether A.a. has been used in the coloring step too. If so, it did not affect the taste so much (see below).

Somewhat burning or biting, pastis-like. Not so much that it would disturb. After swallowing it left a medicinal aftertaste/feel. Generally a positive experience nevertheless.

TASTE 15/20
A little bitterness and some anise sweetness in balance. No bad aftertaste, easy to drink despite the star anise (badiane) burn. The bitterness is not so disturbing as to put this drink into the "Ordinarie's Blunder" category, it is quite well controlled.

I like it a lot for what it is, a drink which tries to fill in the gap between pastis and absinthe as clearly stated on its label. Maybe good for learning the star anise/green anise difference in mouth-feel and taste.

Bruno Rygseck scores La Bonne Mère 69 out of 100


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