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La Coquette

Average Score: 80
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Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 72 %
Vendors: ♣ Liqueurs de France , ♣ Vert d'Absinthe , ♣

Description: According to Liqueurs de France: La Coquette is a premium absinthe recreated from an historic recipe dating from 1899. This absinthe is produced with a wine alcohol base, combining a floral nose with an original, unctuous and herbal flavour that connoisseurs will appreciate for its complexity. The aromatic herbs are clearly at the forefront while the green anise remains present, but discreet! In the style of the classic absinthes of the past, La Coquette has great aging potential.


Reviewed by Donnie Darko 8/8/2008

A saturated grass hue, somewhat olive but not as drab.

It gets thicker uniformly, no swirly globs or tendrils, but is adequate, if a little uneventful.

Luminous green all the way through. Looks as good as Jade Edouard louched.

AROMA 23/30
The aroma stays in the glass, and has an earthen grit behind it. Smells a tad over-colored, though that may dissipate with age. There is attractive anise fruit though and subtle wormwood behind alcohol heat, so it's not off putting, though could be more enticing.

A good balance between bite and smoothness. Lingers on the tongue sufficiently with some delightful creaminess at the back end.

TASTE 15/20
What's in there is good, but nothing particularly pops. There is evidence of good quality wormwood and anise, along with some coloring herb attitude. Some of the dank coloring character translates into the taste, but it's way in the back and is subtle enough to not distract. The Fennel lingers a very long time, though the length it lingers allows one to notice the taste of the fennel seed husk more than the fruit. But it still tastes good, certainly enough to motivate following up the first glass with a second.

This is the best assemblage distillate I've had by a long shot, though I personally prefer whole distillates. I wish it was more fragrant and assertive, but it is nonetheless a quality absinthe that one likely won't regret owning. The label is fantastic, the best I've seen on an absinthe bottle.

Donnie Darko scores Coquette 80 out of 100


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