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La Muse Verte 68

Country of Origin: France
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: Absinthe La Muse Verte 68 at



The Muse Verte has a much more balanced flavor, lacking that vaguely unpleasant taste I find in both La Fee and Pernod. The melissa is definitely more prominent (like F. Guy). It probably has some star anis because it louches quite heavily. It is a lovely shade of green, and according to the bottle is not artifically colored.


Alright, I had another glass of Muse Verte 68 tonight with my girlfriend... Bare in mind that the mini-'review' that follows will be marred by my inability to tell melissa from mugwort, so to speak (or fennel from anis, for that matter).

Neat, Molly says the color is a 'deep olive green', although it looks yellowy to me. It louched very heavily with a slow drip of ice cold water at about a 1:1 dilution, although when I was less careful and quicker w/the second glass it did it around 1:2. Its color when louched is sort of a pale green opal. Taking into account my herbal difficulties, I think it certainly tastes of anis/fennil/wormwood, without the anis flavors overwhelming the other subtle background I can't make head or tail of. It has a light, floral quality which I really like, when drunk at about 1:6 (the bottle suggests a 1:6-1:8 dilution, and although I usually like drinks strong I find it way too anis-y at lower dilutions, which overwhelms the other flavors.)

In case anyone is curious, the back of the bottle reads:

La Muse Verte se boit en répétant le rituel de nos anciens. Versez délicatement 6 à 8 volumes d'eau fraîche sur le sucre. Puis utilisez la cuillère à absinthe pour mélanger. Ainsi vous ferez ressortir les multiples arômes de la Muse Verte. Sans sucre, sans colorant, ni conservateur.

Ingrédients : alcool, plantes aromatiques.

It comes in a pretty black bottle with a shitty label.


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