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Country of Origin: France
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 55 %
Vendors: ♣ Spirits Corner , ♣


[Ted Breaux]

I received a bottle of Manguin from Spirits Corner, and as always, the service is (mostly) dependable. This product is stated to be 55% (110 proof), and comes in a 70cL, very dark green glass bottle. Like modern French Absinthes, this product carries the nebulous phrase, "Liqueur aux Plantes d'Absinthe", which is anything but conclusive with regard to product content. Nevertheless, the label (in French) states that the distiller wanted to recreate the original flavor of absinthe, yet he did not add the essence "thujone". One can only imagine what this implies with regard to details of manufacture, but an "infusion de plantes don¹t absinthe" and "distillat" are listed separately in the ingredients list. Hmmmm.

The aroma of this liqueur is airy and sweet, with the slight hint of cinnamon. The liqueur itself exhibits a mild dark greenish-yellow tint. Tasting the liqueur neat revealed the syrupy flavor of sugar, sugar, and more sugar, followed by a hint of star anise. Diluting the liqueur reveals a thinner louche than one might expect from a modern French liqueur d¹anise, and still the flavor of sugar predominates. In a nutshell, L'Amesinthe is to Versinthe what this product is to the non-absinthe, "Absente". In other words, Manguin can be described as a less aromatic cousin to the non-absinthe, "Absente".

If one is looking for the flavor of absinthe (as the manufacturer claims), or even a product that exhibits something interesting, he will not find it here. Keep moving.


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