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Un Emile La Blanche

Average Score: 52
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Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: The folks at "Absinthe Online" have this to say about their product: "Un Emile 68 'La Blanche' is a clear absinthe made in the style of a Swiss La Bleue. La Bleue is highly sought after and is produced in clandestine stills throughout the Neuchatel region of Switzerland. Un Emile 68 'La Blanche' is the first la Bleue to be made commercially available. There is no colouring step and the classic wormwood and anise flavours are enhanced."
NOTE: All the Un Emile absinthes have undergone improvements in recipe, manufacture and profile, keeping them among the better brands to this day. Distilled in Pontarlier, home of absinthe.
Absinthe Un Emile Blancheat


Editors note: Following review is for the "first" version of the Un Emile La Blanche. There have been improvements to the forumla since the release of this bottle.

Reviewed by Absinthesizer 10/6/2006

Clear with just the faintest green tinge.

Slow and relatively thin, but the tracings of the water in the absinthe are enjoyable to watch.

Not creamy and thick, but a delicately pearlescent white. Warmer tones are accented as light passes through the glass, creating a palette of subtle oranges and purples.

AROMA 13/30
Pleasant from a few inches away, with a strong, crisp anise scent. But that’s about all there is to it, and up close, the scent of alcohol is jarringly obvious.

A little thin, but I like the tingly tongue effect that Un Emile delivers even at higher dilution.

TASTE 10/20
Strong and uncomplicated: Anise and fennel, with enough underlying wormwood to prevent the taste from being cloying. Sugar gives it a more integrated flavor, in which case I would add two points to the score above.

Un Emile was one of the best commercial blanches just a few years ago. It’s still enjoyable — one of my anise-loving friends prefers it to the greatly superior Blanche de Fougerolles — but the world of absinthe has passed it by.

Absinthesizer scores Un Emile La Blanche 52 out of 100


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