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Un Emile Pernot (Emile 45)

Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 45 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: The Un Emile 45 is the lower alcohol version of the Un Emile 68. All the Un Emile absinthes have undergone improvements in recipe, manufacture and profile, keeping them among the better brands to this day. Distilled in Pontarlier, home of absinthe.
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Emile Pernot comes in a 750 ml bottle and is 45%. Of the three new brands (Guy, Kubler and Emile), it is the least interesting, but it is still quite good. Like Kubler, it is made in the style of La Bleue, but it is not quite as complex, lacking the nutty quality that gives Kubler an added dimension. Unlike the others, it comes in a screw-top bottle as befits a slightly less interesting product. Still, it is quite a decent absinthe and well worth trying.


Comes in a nicely shaped 70cl bottle with screw cap. The label is red, copper, and blue. The Emile liquid is a very pale yellow color, almost clear. Emile is very dry to my taste. It has an almost dry wine quality to it. There is, of course, the anise taste and a very pleasant bitterness initially. This was followed by a floral sweetness,very faint. There are a number of herbs in the background. The bitterness somehow reminds me of fresh cut flowers. There is a faint earthiness to this absinthe. Perhaps a slight clove taste. Rather complex and a little hard for me to describe. I think this is more complex over all than the Spanish Absentas. Much more like La Bleue. The herbal effect is nice as well. Some may complain that the proof is only 90. But not me. I feel that this lower alcohol content lets more of the herbs come through. And there is nothing really weak about 90 proof alcohol. This will make a nice addition to any one's collection of modern absinthes


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