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Un Emile Sapin

Average Score: 60
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Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: According to : "As with Un Emile 68, this absinthe is made traditionally by steeping Grand wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), green anise, fennel and other plants in alcohol and distilling the macerated charge in an absinthe still. The colour is achieved naturally by soaking plants in the distillate. No oils or artificial coloring have been used and no star anise has been used to enhance the louche. Un Emile 68 Sapin has a unique flavor derived from the inclusion of pine buds (sapin) in the blend which will be appreciated by the absinthe connoisseur!"
All the Un Emile absinthes have undergone improvements in recipe, manufacture and profile, keeping them among the better brands to this day. Distilled in Pontarlier, home of absinthe.
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Reviewed by Lord Stanley 3/25/2005

Pale, amber. Could be greener. Natural but unspectacular.

Swirling gradient lines as the drip breaks the surface of the Sapin. After adding 1-1/2 parts of water, the liquid slowly hazes to moderately translucent but not opaque. Not particularly dramatic nor satisfying.

Dull, greenish gray. Still natural looking though

AROMA 19/30
Mostly anise and alcoholic heat. Mild piney notes of the Sapin manage to escape through the...well, the alcoholic heat. The aroma does not open much during the addition of water.

Thin texture and harsh alcohol bite are the main characteristics.

TASTE 13/20
Anise is up front. Fennel might be in there somewhere. A fairly nice pine and wormwood bitterness lingers after the alcohol burn washes away.

The Un Emile just ain't what she used to be. Once upon a time, the Pernot offerings were praised for their distilled production and Pontarlier origins. In light of more recently unveiled absinthes, the Un Emile Sapin simply has a weak louche, harsh mouthfeel and thin taste.

Lord Stanley scores Un Emile 68 Sapin 60 out of 100


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