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Alandia Epoque

Average Score: 79
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Country of Origin: Germany
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣ Alandia

Description: According to
Like Maison ALANDIA Absinthe Époque was developed in cooperation with the international known Absinthe connaisseur "deep forest". The task for this Absinthe was to create a complex but balanced Absinthe, with a smooth note without any bitterness, enhanced by the herbal touch of calamus, resulting in the typical French Absinthe impression. The result is here and we are proud to present it to all Absinthe connaisseurs around the world.


Reviewed by Shabba53 6/23/2007

Yellowish green. Not a great looking color (not as bright and green as other good brands), but not horrible either. Looks natural.

GREAT louche. However, it seemed to be to be a bit artificial in how quickly it developed. Literally the first drop of water began the process, so I had to take some points off for that.

A very nice opalescent light green/white milky color.

AROMA 24/30
Before water - Inviting aroma of anis and fennel with some hints of wormwood. The alcohol smell present in Maison Alandia has been toned down dramatically.
After water - Fennel and anis with wormwood blossoming as the water is added. Very pleasant with just a bit of bubblegum sweetness.

Wow, very nice and milky thick. Rolls around very well on the tongue. I wonder if this isn't also artificially enhanced like I believe the louche was. But since I can't prove that, I give it a high mark.

TASTE 15/20
Light and refreshing. The bitterness and wormwoody bomb of Maison again has been toned down dramatically. Light and refreshing with just a hint of something harsh that I can't put my finger on(almost 'plasticy'). Quite spicy as well, reminiscent of a Montmartre first run, but not nearly as nice. The wormwood bitterness is offset by the sweetness of the anis, but there is still just a bit of astringence.

Overall a fairly pleasant surprise from Alandia. Definitely drinkable but also overpriced for the quality, especially since it's really their first major run at high quality absinthe. Now with Lucid available in the states, they have to do some damage control and set this at a much cheaper price to get the business.

The bottle and label are obviosly take-offs of a Jade brand, but the quality is lacking. The 'wax' seal is more rubbery than waxy. Also, it's obvious that they use inferior corks, as both corks (one from Epoque and one from Maison) split into a million pieces as I tried to open the bottles.

Shabba53 scores Alandia Epoque 79 out of 100


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