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Eichelberger Brut 80%

Average Score: 77
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Country of Origin: Germany
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 80 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: Absinthe Eichelberger Brut 80 at


Reviewed by Alice the absinthe eater 5/21/2007

clear 100%. Blanche, as it is meant to be.

it starts very slow but picks up speed about 1 part water to 2 parts absinthe.

I mixed this 1:1 (plus one suger) and there is no alcohol burn no numbing just a little heat on the way down.

normaly I mix about 1 part absinthe to 2 parts water but this one seems to be fully louched at 1:1.

milk white. it's the same color as the sugar cube sitting next to my glass.

AROMA 18/30
before water: now you would think because it's 80% alcohol that's what you would smell, but you don't. the smell if very complex it smells bitter and perfumy. if you sniff it long enough alcohol does come out and it hurts ones nose.

after water: still that same sort of bitter/complex smell almost like nice tabbaco. I can't really pick anything out from it only a little bit of anise at the end I really would like to read others reviews of this to see what they can pick up in the nose. because I can't.

just like the last Eichelberger I had, very soft and smooth. the kinds of thing you roll around in your mouth and almost feel is a shame to swallow.

TASTE 15/20
it's not bad just plain. not so much anise. it's a good taste. I don't really know how to put it

it does not at all taste how it smells I almost wish it did.
it seems to get better as you drink more the last few sips are better than the first few.
(I have to add that I burped after having a few sips of this and it set this great fruity taste in my mouth better then the taste of drinking it so I am going to add a point for that)

this being my first blanche I don't really know how to weigh it against other ones. I can say for sure though that the bottle will not last long.

Alice the absinthe eater scores Eichelberger Brut 80% 77 out of 100


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