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Tabu Absinth Classic Strong 73

Average Score: 45
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Country of Origin: Germany
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 73 %

Description: According to the manufacturer's website: Tabu Absinth Classic Strong is a high-proof bitter where the maxim thujon content (35mm/kg) is permissible. With alc. 73% vol. and produced without any pre-sugering, it is not suited for the pure and neat consumption, but for the advanced connoisseur of absinthe who spends time and calm on ritual preparation of this product and enjoys it with pleasure.


Reviewed by Alice the absinthe eater 5/18/2007

Way too dark. It's darker than the NS70 but the same color: olivegreen. Although it looks unnatural it states on the brands website that "its colour is the result of the extracts of nettle, spinach and fruit juice." so I guess it is natural
I was going to give it a score of 3 here but seeing as it's not made out of yellow number 4 and green number 5 I will give it one more point.

It louches, but it's way too fast the second that the first water drop hits it, it clouds.
It rises up with a nice clear bit on the top that is ruined by the too-dark green color.
Very thick louche

Yellow, that's about all I have to say here.

AROMA 17/30
Before water it smells of strong alcohol, tons of anise and something sweet&complex.
After water the alcohol goes away and leaves something that smells like sweet candy with a small bit of anise.

Thin and sticky not unlike eating some form of liquid candy.
Also numbing and has this strange spice feeling like when you chew on a cinnamon stick it burns like that

TASTE 9/20
It's sweet followed by anise, spice and then sticky bitterness I guess that would be the amer part (the bottle reads "6% amer" but I'm not fully sure of what that means)

They should really market this stuff as "club candy drink"
It's not classic I would give it many more points if it was not labeled that. I think for the most part it is trying to be something it is not.
It's not the worst absinth I have had so far infact I think I will have another glass after this.
Not really great either I would much rather be drinking other stuff I just seem to be out right now

Alice the absinthe eater scores Tabu Absinth Classic strong 73, 45 out of 100


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