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Cavalin Assenzio 69

Average Score: 13
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Country of Origin: Italy
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 69 %


Reviewed by Nurgle 5/31/2007

Artificial dark green color (E102 & E131 colorants, mentioned on the bottle). I'd give it a 2 since there are worse colors to be found, but I've got a feeling it's still too much credit.

Oil contrails are immediately formed and the liquid gets a bit blurry, but the haziness quickly disappears. What remains is a clear, fluorescent green drink. Absolutely no louche here.

As mentioned above, completely clear. The color gets a bit paler after the addition of water, but it remains artificial.

AROMA 5/30
Before water: unpleasant smell of alcohol invading the nostrils. There might be something one could (very) vaguely consider as 'herbal', but it's much too weak, artificial and overpowered by alcohol.

After water: same thing. Honestly, I can't smell much more than a nasty alcoholic odor here.

Not much going on here, except for too much bitterness.

TASTE 2/20
An extremely unpleasant, bitter taste comes first, followed by a minty flavor. It is already sweetened and sugar crystallisations can be seen lying on the bottom of the bottle, although the artificial sweetness of the absinth quickly gets overpowereld by its bitterness. That's just about it. I found it impossible to empty my glass.

I rarely had so much pleasure pouring a drink down the sink (although I must admit I haven't had many Czech absinths or so yet). A bitter, chemical alcohol taste... "Never shallt thou quaff this", I'd say.

On the label: "Absinthium is an emerald green, highly alcoholic liquor with 69% alc. by vol. content. It is produced using a recepee [sic] that dates back to the eight [sic] century. Artemisia Absinthium (a plant that grows spontaneously in large parts of europe, specially in Italy), of premium quality is used, and a slow alcoholic infusion conveys all the tipical [sic] properties of Absinthe. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste. The high alcohol content and the winter cold temperature could start a process of crystallization of the sugar, due exclusively to the natural ingredients used."

Nurgle scores Cavalin Absinthium 69, 13 out of 100


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