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Neto Costa

Average Score: 27
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Country of Origin: Portugal
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 57 %

Description: From the manufacturer's site ( come this general information about their liqueurs and spiritis. The Neto Costa liqueurs and spirits are produced from natural ingredients using traditional methods of infusion, maceration and distillation, thus ensuring complete absorbation of all the aromas and flavours of the ingredients. All the recipes used have been created and developed by Caves Neto Costa and have been passed down from generation to generation. all are based on the careful selection of the ingredients, fruits and herbs, in order to make full use of their aromatic properties.


Reviewed by Hartsmar 10/25/2006

Completely clear and a rather nice light green but a little too neon vibrant to be natural.

Nope. Nothing. No louche at all.

Sorry but there's just nothing to add here. It looks like nuked water. That's it.

AROMA 10/30
Very obtrusive alcohol nose up front with a slightly citrusy scent and just a little anise in the back. Too much mintyness and anise which blends into a chewing-gum sensation when water is added.

Very bland and extremely boring.

TASTE 7/20
It does try to present something but it just doesn't manage to break out. The one thing that does stick is an irritating bitter finish. It's not as bad as the aroma indicated though but certainly nothing good.

Nothing I will drink again. Probably not even under gun-point.

Hartsmar scores Neto Costa Absinto 27 out of 100

Older reviews:


The color of the beverage is a light Chartreuse Green. Not natural looking at all. Does not louche (cloud). The flavor is neither bitter, monochromatically anise, or unpleasantly alcoholic tasting.

Like Sebor, Hill's, and Mariano (pretty much any absinthe that doesn't louche), this absinthe can hit the palate as a little heavy, almost greasy.

NOTE: There are varieties of this that are being sold with a gold metallic cap now, and a red upper label (as opposed to the old blue). The bottle is really bright green, the lower labels are white.

[Ted Breaux]

The bottle is 700mL in capacity, and the contents are described as 57% (114 proof). The labels appear to have been hastily slapped onto the bottle, as they are anything but aligned properly. The liqueur itself is a pale green color, and has an aroma of not much but a sharp alcohol scent. Upon adding cold water, there is no louche. The flavor is somewhat bland, offering only a slight hint of anise, and a mild bitterness. Basically, the content is rather scant, and there is not much to report in the way of flavor.

Overall, I don't recommend going out of your way to get this product. It really isn't worth the effort. I rate this product as being maybe just slightly below Tunel and Hapsburg, but at least on par with some of the typical Czech brands. I really cannot comment more than this, as there is just not much substance from which to create an opinion.


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