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Alcohol Level: 50 %



Spirits Corner was advised that the manufacturers of Herring Absenta have recently reformulated (a nice trend indicating manufacturers listen to their customers!). After rereading the review below this is most certainly the case.

Poured in the glass the new Herring has a deep golden color with the slightest green tint with a sharp piquant odor. When water is added it clouds quickly to a milky gold, a nice louche comparing to Deva. The anise is dominant, but not so strong as Deva or Mari Mayans. I would almost venture to say that there are no added sweetners to Herring, apart from the natural sweetness of anise, and leaves no stickiness when dribbled on the counter :-) Not as finely balanced as some other brands, but definately hints of other herbal constituents, hyssop and the wormwood stand out the most. The melissa maybe? A definate improvement from the review below!!!


This absinthe comes in a 1l green bottle with the general Pernod-style label on the front. It is a couple of centimetres taller than the Deva bottles and it is called both Absinthe and Absenta on the front label. You get the liquorice smell coming at you when you open the cap, but it isn't as strong as Deva. Herring Absenta has nothing to do with fish at all apart from the name, thank god. When you pour it the colour is pale yellow with a hint of green. There isn't any discernable louche, the colour remaining transparent yellow. The taste? It's very much like it has been flavoured with anise - the anise doesn't seem to fit in with the overall balance of the drink. The alcohol is rather harsh, not blending in particularly well. It tastes weaker than Deva, certainly it isn't as strong in the anise department. It's not as sweet as it could be, and could certainly do with being stronger in flavour. Tastes perhaps a bit citrussy. Overall not too bad, but then far from excellent.


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