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Serpis 55

Average Score: 55
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Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 55 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: Serpis, the classic and first modern red absinthe. Produced by Licores SinC in Spain.
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Reviewed by Bruno Rygseck 10/15/2006

Nice ripe tomato red, fully transparent and bright; no haze or sediment or other faults.

Louche starts from the bottom, gets thick and cloudy in the beginning. Unspectacular in the end but in general fun to watch because of the unusual color.

AROMA 14/30
A combination of anise and flowery herbal tones plus alcohol, a little like some solvent but agreeable anyhow. The aroma gets stronger when water is slowly added.

Translucent orange, like peach or mango juice although not that fruity color. No oily effects on surface which is slightly disappointing.

Quite OK, nothing unpleasant in it.

TASTE 12/20
Mostly anise, not too sweet. Wormwood could be there but I could not really say. The lingering mild anise aftertaste is nice, too.

Exotic and different, drinkable; even tasty, so it is no wonder that many people like it.

Bruno Rygseck scores Serpis 55 Classic 55 of 100

Older reviews:

Over the years Serpis has obtained a renown never anticipated, as you can tell by Absintheur's original review below. It's somewhat citrusy orange/red goodness has been recognized as one of the finer of the oil mixed/macerated variety ... whether this is due to its own merits or its cult status has yet to be determined.

To foray further into the Cult of Serpis, please visit The Emerald Quest's "The Myth of Slerpis."

The manufacturer has also released an anise free version of Serpis called "Serpis Dry" (pictured above right) available from


Absenta Serpis is a clear rusty-red absinthe, bottled in a uncolored glass bottle with a plastic pour-spout cap. It's produced in Alcoy, Spain, by SinC, which is a small distillery that specializes in Fruit and Coffee Liqueurs. If you're interested in learning more about the SinC distillery go to: SinC
When I opened the bottle I expected the worst. The idea of red absinthe struck me as gimicky, and just plain wierd, but I decided to try it, nonetheless...

I feel like Sam-I-Am's sidekick after he tried the Green Eggs and Ham -- I really like this absinthe.

It's got a clear anise scent, less woody than DEVA, but not harsh or overly alcoholic. The louche is perfect. It goes from a rusty-red to a opaque apricot-nectar color very sharply, like a slightly less dramatic Mari Mayans.

The flavor is strongly anise with a clear, but not bitter, wormwood undertone, very round in the mouth. It's very similar to DEVA, but fractionally less aromatic. It's unsweetened, but like most Spanish brands it doesn't need sugar (unless the sweetness suits your personal tastes, as it does mine).

I'm actually somewhat disapointed that this absinthe is red because it competes so well on the merits of the flavor, louche, and aroma... the color is an unnecessary gimick.


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