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Tunel Black

Average Score: 3
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Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 80 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: [From Spirits Corner] This is the new absinthe made by Tunel, from the well-known island of Mallorca. It has 80% alc. Vol (160% proof), and, it is black. Yes it is black, and very strong.
Absinthe Tunel Black at


Reviewed by Bruno Rygseck 1/29/2007

Horrible, between dark purple and dark blue.

Slow and weak, the color turned even worse.

It isn't even gimmicky enough to score more than zero.
Stains your sink when sinked, keep detergent at hand.

AROMA 2/30
Before water, there is actually a weak lemon-balmy note plus some from anise, but
its odor is mainly that of strong alcohol. After water it becomes weaker.

Like oily sand.

TASTE 1/20
It does have some anise taste but not much else.

Bottled octopus vomit with lemon balm scent.

One minibottle from a package of three. Bought from Spain in November 2006.

Bruno Rygseck scores Tunel Black 3 out of 100

Reviewed by Traineraz 05/10/2004

Yes, I ordered it. It was cheap, and I just HAD to try it. I'm a sucker for a good gimmick.

The label states (in Spanish and English), "The secret of this delicious drink is based on the exact proportions of natural extracts of star anise, coriander, and absinthe or wormwood (Artemisia Asinthium)." Yes, "Asinthium." I'll just leave that one out there for the Nostrils to gnaw on endlessly.

"Serve very cold, in the traditional way with a sugar lump, Absenta Tunel and water to taste." At least they didn't suggest lighting it on fire.

The manufacturer earns a teeny bit of respect for two things I've never seen on any liquor bottle:

"Drink in moderation. It's your responsibility." and a little recycling/Yin-Yang-esque symbol.

Nowhere on the label does the name "Tunel" appear. It reads, "Black Absinthe 80," and the manufacturer is listed as "Antonio Nadal Destilleries" at Perhaps Tunel has changed names.

Oops, sorry, in the fine print on the back, "email:" is the only reference to Tunel.

Thru the screw-capped bottle, it has a reddish tinge when held up to the light. Not so when poured.

In the glass, it's actually a slightly bluish black. Neat, it's extremely sweet. Kinda like a really alcoholic, extra-sweet Twizzler. That's really all that struck me.

Slowly adding water, it eventually louched slightly. I can still see the bottom of the glass thru the bluish-charcoal cloud. I'd have expected a stronger louche from something listing star anise as a main ingredient!

In Tunel Black's case, the high alcohol content works against it. By the time I've diluted it sufficiently to taste something besides alcohol, any herbal flavors are also lost. All I taste is sweet star anise-y alcohol. I'd prefer Pseudosinthe to this, as even the relatively thin Pseudo has more compleshity. Arak and Ouzo both have more going for them than this.

An interesting color makes it a fun party drink for non-absintheurs; good for Halloween, I imagine, or perhaps celebrating a black Mass. I should save it for Dia de los Muertos. I don't see myself chuggin' it!

It'd also be good for absinthe bread pudding or other cooking escapades, or for eye-openers in >GACK< coffee.

Final comments: I've had worse, but not many.


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