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Chateau St. Ferran

Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 70 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: Photo courtesy of ArthurFrayn.
Absinthe Chateau St. Ferran at


[George P.]

High alcohol content, bold green color, thick, hairy louche and a broad herbal flavor mark this Iberian contender in the striking tapered bottle. Similar to other Spanish brands in strength and effect, Chateau St. Ferran matches up well to countrymen like Mari Mayans, Deva and Segarra.


Chateau Saint Ferran is well balanced and very tasty. The aroma is mild anise. Taken neat, the flavor is mild anise with a light absinthium bitterness tucked away in the background. The high alcohol content make this a full bodied product, and to my surprise, it does not overpower the absinthe. The alcohol heat is pleasantly mild. The louche is milky with a fluorescent green tint. With combined with water, this absinthe is very smooth with a refreshing bitterness. It is not too sweet, so for those who enjoy the traditional ritual, a cube of sugar can be added.


To sum this drink up in one phrase, it would have to be "best kept Spanish secret." The moment I received the bottle and opened it up the scent hit my nose and cleared my sinus. I thought, "this is the best smelling liquor my nose has ever whiffed." Admiring the bottle, there is a beautiful, eye-catching young woman on the front, let your mind interpret what is around her. The light hitting the green, mysterious, unknown elixir was taunting me. I couldn't wait for my friend, I just had to try now. I tried the drink a few ways, not having been used to its flavor. The first was the "ritual" way. I enjoyed that but had to add a few more lumps of sugar into it and stir well to better ease the licorice liquid into my taste buds. After the first sip, I could feel a great sensation brewing, you're not drunk, but you're not sober either. Once the first glass was finished I wanted to try just a shot , straight. Mistake? Of course not. Just a new sensation.

I didn't drink anymore after the shot, I wanted to let all the effects come up. So I went onto my balcony , lit up a small cigar, and sat back. It was a very humid night and very easy to relax. I felt very talkative but couldn't open my mouth since no one was with me! Eventually my friend got there and we had a few more drinks, it was a grand first absinthe experience.

I recommend this to anyone who's only heard of absinthe and never tried it. Great thujone effect, you feel great in the morning and unusually aroused :) You might think this review is a little one-sided, but I just know what I like. And I like the Cheateau St. Ferran!


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