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Jacques Senaux Black

Average Score: 33
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Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 85 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: From the vendor: 85% alcohol combined with wormwood and a merciless black color will start your psychadelic dreams. The Absinthe itself comes in a heavy glass bottle with a wooden cork. Absinthe Jacques Senaux Black at


Reviewed by peridot 11/6/2006

It's dark, purplish red. The colour is much like red wine and kind of pretty. However, it's very artificial.

This absinthe has a strange louche. Nothing happens until 1.5:1, but then louches totally by 2:1. Instead of clouding gradually from the bottom it just morphs almost as though from flipping a switch.

Dramatic difference from before. Horrendously ugly purplish grey. It looks like cigarette ashes mixed in milk, but darker.

AROMA 5/30
Before water the aroma is nothing but star anise and strong alcohol. After water it changes to black jelly beans. I'm serious here. It's like liquorice candy in every way.

Fairly creamy, but too mouth-numbing. It's like going to the dentist.

TASTE 6/20
There's a loud, bitter wormwood punch that's more pencil shavings than floral. A black jelly bean flavour is enhanced by unnecessary sweetness. For being 170 proof the alcohol is surprisingly subdued in the taste. Unfortunately there's a strange, chalky flavour I can't identify. It has a chemical character and is horribly off-putting.

My theory on the creation of this absinthe: the maker learned the most basic points of what absinthe is supposed to be (tastes of anise and wormwood, has a high proof, and louches with water) and tried to take them to their furthest extremes.

When I first tried this brand I had not had a whole lot of absinthe and I honestly liked it. The metalhead in me loved the extreme ridiculousness of it. More often than not I sipped it neat and I still think it's drinkable that way. However, the horrible chalky taste released during the louche makes the flavour truly awful. At least the bottle is really cool.

peridot scores Jacques Senaux Black 33 out of 100


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