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Le Diable Rouge

Average Score: 7
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Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 50 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: According to With its devilish color Diablo Rouge creates an Absinthe atmosphere with a cutting edge look. Its recipe has a slight anise touch and uses Ginseng also, a plant from China which is recognized for its revitalizing and tonic action.
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Reviewed by Nurgle 8/12/2007

A nice dark red, colored or flavored with red ginseng according to the bottle. It just doesn't look natural though.

No action here. Oil contrails are immediately formed, but soon leave. There is absolutely no louche.

The red color has become a bit paler, reminding me of watered down grenadine. It remains translucent, without any louche. The color doesn't seem natural now more than ever.

AROMA 1/30
Before water: I expected the worst and was at first pleasantly surprised when I opened the bottle and thought I smelled a weak anise scent, but I proved myself wrong. When I poured the Diable Rouge in a glass, the only thing I smelled was a slight alcohol scent, like detergent, but nothing more. There's nothing else to smell at all.

After water: the smell of detergent is a bit stronger now, but that's about it. No anise, nothing herbal… absolutely nothing.

The nasty taste of detergent invades the mouth, follewed by a strange alcohol flavour which soon disappears to leave no taste at all. Why am I even bothering to give it a 1/10?

TASTE 0/20
Almost nothing to smell or to taste, appart from a slight alcohol taste, which at first appears to be developing into something vaguely fruity, but finally just doesn't at all. In the end, I also tasted something like a vague biterness, which immediately cleared the way for the obvious taste of detergent. The addition of sugar doesn't help at all. Disgusting. Sink time for Señor Diabolo Rougo…

No complexity at all, no character, almost no smell or any taste. A 1/10 would be to much to give. It might taste better (probably will) with a burned sugar cube, but I am not going to give it a try…

Brought back from Spain in a special box with the four other Le Diables (Vert, Jaune, Bleu, Noir), each a 4 cl bottle, for almost no money.

Nurgle scores Le Diable Rouge 7 out of 100


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