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Mari Maryans 70°

Average Score: 63
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Alcohol Level: 70 %
Vendors: ♣ Spirits Corner

Description: This is the classic "party" absenta, produced in Ibiza. It's available in 55% and the more common 70% "collectors" bottle.


Reviewed by Wild Bill Turkey 10/9/2006

The color is neon chartreuse, and never appears to age, even in a clear bottle. Not very natural-looking, but not unattractive even so.

Louches quite well. Nice oil trails, pretty swirls. A soft cloud builds up from the bottom, and not too quickly.

The only reason the score is so low is that I assume the coloring is artificial. The color after louching, however, looks far more natural. It louches to an opaque, minty white, far more believable than its pre-louche color.

AROMA 20/30
Room-filling. Everyone in the place will know you've poured a glass of Mari Mayans. It has a very distinctive aroma, characterized by citrus tones, and a floral note that I personally describe as reminding me of hybiscus. This is all on top of a more traditional anise base smell and a little alcohol heat. The thing is, it doesn't smell like a standard anise-bomb. It smells clean and fresh.

Here again, Mari Mayans does well. Toungue-numbing badianne bomb, yes, but with a high-note bite that takes the edge off the anise sweetness and just saves it from the anesthetic numbness of most other drinks in this class.

TASTE 13/20
The smell carries directly over to the taste. While I would not really say that I taste much wormwood in this drink, the floral-citrus tartness of it kind of mimcs wormwood bitterness, and makes the drink taste more like absinthe to me than some of its licorice-bomb competitors that virtually double for pastis.

A clean, refreshing drink, but with a kick. The bright star of the the cheap anise-bomb oil mix market. My favorite in this class. A must for newbie parties.

This is the first absinthe that I drank a lot of. It still doesn't suck. I like Mari Mayans, and it's one of my three default absinthes for introducing random strangers to absinthe when I have no idea what they'll like. Most people like it.

Wild Bill Turkey scores Mari Mayans 70 63 out of 100


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