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Mariano Madrueno Absenta


Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 55 %



The bottle is clear glass with diamond shapes cut into it. The label is white and it has a red engraving of a factory, the medals the firm has won in contests and the co. name at the top of it. The bottom of the label is white says "ABSENTA" in black letter. It does so in the way that generic brand of paper towels used to have a white label with black lettering that read "PAPER TOWELS" (do they make these generic brands anymore?).

The address where it is sold is Postigo de San Martin 3 Madrid.

It has a Hill's like green, only lighter. It tastes is of anise, AND NOTHING ELSE. That is, it has no other herbal or even wormwood taste. It tasted more of black licorice, than any other absinthe. There was not "absinthe high" here. It is more anise tasting less alcoholic Hill's. It has no louche (even in ICE COLD WATER)

The guy who sold it to me had grey yellow teeth. He told me that it had many herbs. He told me this AFTER I HAD BOUGHT the bottle. He was misinformed.


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