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Montana 55 Absenta

Average Score: 58
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Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 55 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: The Montana distilleries in Spain have been producing absinthe for a very long time. Vintage Montana absentas are very good and represent some of the finer vintage Spanish absinthes. Modern Montana Absentas does not hold the same high quality but are among the better "standard" spanish absinthes anyway.
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Reviewed by Bruno Rygseck 6/4/2008

Yellow with some greenish tinge. It is a bit feuille-morte and possesses some brilliance, not artificial looking or otherwise bad.

Greasy or oily but turbulent and snowy also. Too thin.

Partially transparent yellow/green.

AROMA 16/30
Lemon balm dominates but nice anise comes from it before water, not so much during and after water. To me impossible to detect any wormwood in the aroma.

Dry, short, biting; not very nice at 1:3 dilution. Gets better with more water, though.

TASTE 13/20
Anise and the dry kind of wormwood(?) flavor one could expect from an oil mix. I would say that it is a little bitter, too.

As an absinthe, not interesting. However, not a bad drink, and inexpensive, if someone is interested in trying a Spanish "absenta". The Montaña 68 is better in many ways.

Bruno Rygseck scores Absenta Montaña 55 58 out of 100

Old tasting notes:


Called "Montana" on this list, because it comes from Montana destilerias. The name on the bottle is "Absenta". The bottle is very close to an absinthe era Pernod-style bottle.

Montana is a "middle range" absinthe. It has a medium wormwood smell and taste (stronger than Deva and slightly less than Lasala). Also, while the anise flavor is stronger than Lasala, it is much less pronounced than Deva. The "absinthe effect" is less strong than Deva, but more intense than Lasala.

Montana is green-gold in color. It does not louche in room temp. water. In colder water, it louches and turns a white green (more emerald than opaline).


Montana - Citrine yellow, the lightest color of the four, but a very nice color, almost lemon. Slight warming effect of alcohol in the face upon smelling. Not much smell at all - if anything, faint anise. Louched to a dirty yellow-white, much more yellow than white. It was watery and transparent. Tasted perfumey, citrus-like, very mild, easily the mildest of the four. Not unpleasant, but bland compared to the others.


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