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Partus Absenta

Country of Origin: Spain
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 50 %


[Steven Krom]

It is much more bitter than the Deva, and does not louche quite as much, but still louches quite well. While the Deva does not need to have any sugar added, I think that this one would benefit from a bit. This absinthe may no longer be in production, because the man at the small store I bought it in said that I wouldn't find it anywhere else, and that once the few bottles he had were gone, there would be no more. I have found Deva in a couple of stores, but this kind only in one, and it looked like it had been there a while. Judging by the similarities between the label of Partus and that of the Lasala, it seems to me that it must be either a newer or older labeling, or an imitation (or the original) of Lasala.

The bottle looks much like the description of the Philip Lasala absinthe however, it says Partus in a red band at the top of the front label.


Very funny... I found two bottles of Partus is a musty liquor store on Mallorca... wish I remembered the neighborhood, ah yes it was Calla Real... I had asked in many places and withstood many a dirty or suspicious or even ignorant look along the way... When I saw this place I just knew it was the spot. And the old man inside led me to the top shelf in his store, to two dusty bottles of Partus absinthe, both of which I purchased. The story he told me was exactly the same as you describe on your site: the last bottles in production, you will not find it anywhere else, etc... he went on to say that all absinthe would soon be illegal all over the EC and that would be that. So of course I bought both bottles. What happened that evening is best left in Spain.


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