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Kallnacher Red Absinth

Average Score: 53
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Country of Origin: Switzerland
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 22 %
Vendors: ♣ Liqueurs de France , ♣

Description: The Kallnacher Red Absinth isn't really an absinthe, but rather a ready mixed absinthe-cocktail or cocktail base. It's a bitter much like Campari, mixed with Kallnacher Blanche. The base for the Kallnacher Red Absinth is the Martinazzi, a bitter produced by the Matter-Luginbühl distillery, Kallnach, Switzerland. Enjoy the Kallnacher Red Absinth either straight on the rocks or mixed with club soda or sparkling water. Note: The scores in the reviews are adjusted to match this not being an absinthe. The maximum score is lowered to 80 instead of 100.


Reviewed by Bruno Rygseck

Wonderful translucent bright red that has some resemblance to fresh strawberry juice. Even though it has got some fluorescent nuance the color seems natural to me. This red color is one of the most delicious I have seen in a drink.

Not applicable since this is "pre-louched" in a way, being a mixed drink.

Not applicable, color does not get worse with water however.

AROMA 17/30
Wormwood, anise and other herbal ingredients on top of something fruity. When (still) cold water is added, aroma turns more berry-like and the fruitiness comes forward. The taste and mouth-feel may suffer a little, however.

Sweet, without being sticky on the tongue. Improves with ice. Lingonberry comes first to mind when tasting a drink diluted with cold water in 1:1 ratio, then the taste is very slightly sour but not so that it would disturb. There is a pleasant bitterness which is not dominating. Maybe a little "too easy" to drink if you want something to sip like an absinthe.

TASTE 13/20
Delicious, maybe a little thin. It is not as medicinal as Campari but nevertheless herbal, and well balanced, too.

This is a great mix of absinthe and a bitter aperitif, in color, aroma and taste. I like it best neat, on ice –temperature makes quite a difference in the mouth-feel.

Bruno Rygseck scores the Kallnacher Red Absinth 53 out of 80


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