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Kübler 45%

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 45 %

Description: This was the initial Kübler absinthe at a lower strength, today more or less replaced by the 57 and 53% versions. Further info (in French):


[Ted Breaux]

I obtained a bottle of Absinthe Kubler courtesy of a well-known indivudual who obtained one for me upon request. This product is 45% alcohol (90 proof), and is packaged in a 1L dark glass bottle.

The labeling exhibits virtually every descriptive phrase (Extrait d'Absinthe, Aperitif Anise, A Base de Plantes d'Absinthe), and strives to clarify that it is a 'suisse' product. The rear label explains its heritage as going back to 1863, although curiously enough, the distillery seems to have been in business only since 1990, producing its "Rincette" label liqueur d'anise.

Upon popping the cap, I was immediately hit with a very strong pungent aroma. I was able to detect a scent of anise in the background, but the tart pungency is overwhelming almost to a point of being downright 'stinky'. The liquor itself is clear, with only the faintest tinge of yellow being discernable. When tasted neat, the pungency is quite evident, although not as obtrusive as I expected given the strong aroma. The liquor louches quite well upon the addition of cold water. The taste of the diluted liquor is fairly soft, but the up-front pungency persists as the predominant flavor, and even masks the anise to a significant degree.

In summary, I find this product to be something akin to an empyreumatic 'La Bleue', with fairly smooth, albeit very simple flavor. Although quite drinkable, some will undoubtedtly be put off by the predominant pungency, which lends a pronounced 'burnt' character to an otherwise smooth liquor.


Kubler is a first-rate commercial absinthe from Switzerland, made with natural ingredients. It is uncolored and has a lot in common with La Bleues, though it is more complex than many. It has a nutty flavor that gives it an added richness and complexity. It has a slight viscosity when sampled neat. Also 45%, I would rate it almost as high as Francois Guy and above virtually any of the Spanish brands.


This is a very good lower alcohol [90 proof] version of Suisse La Bleue. The taste is like a nice anisette but with a pleasing bitterness. There are earthy tones to the palate noted after a few sips. A slight cinnamon flavor attempts to assert itself. The aftertaste is faintly floral with hints of citrus. This is not an overly sweet absinthe. The louche is similar to a typical Suisse La Bleue in terms of going from crystal clear to white with opal hints in a dramatic fashion. It's fun to watch. This Kubler is easy to drink so be careful. 90 proof is not weak but I can barely taste any alcohol. Yet I definitely taste some alpine herbs. And yes, I feel an herbal effect.


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