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Meadow of Love Absinthe Superieure

Average Score: 90
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Country of Origin: USA
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣ Astor Wine and Spirits

Description: According to the manufacturer: Using the same six core herbs as the Walton Waters — Grand wormwood, anise, fennel, roman wormwood, hyssop and lemon balm — Meadow of Love celebrates the region’s bounty with herbs from small farms and local herbalists - wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm and violet. The first sip impression is a dry, subtle absinthe due to the hyssop and violet, but over time the grand wormwood steps forward, announcing its presence. The Meadow shouts out, and you're in Love.


Reviewed by Green Baron 5/16/2009

Vibrant light peridot. Super green, but I know this absinthe is a little young, so I know it will go through some changes before it settles down. Good clarity, but like it's sibling has just a minor amount of haze. Damn nice overall.

Thick, layering trails that seem to move on their own accord when the pour is paused. A nice swirling yet very well defined fog bank forms at a good pace and slowly infiltrates the clear top layer, bouncing with every drop of water.

Pleasing lime green, the final louche is a little on thick side, but with good depth and highlights.

AROMA 28/30
-Before water- A bit of alcohol sharpness, sweet floral perfume, lightly herbaceous

-After water- As water is added, the perfume issues forth. Not the most “room filling”, but definitely enticing from a couple feet away. The perfume from before develops into refreshing floral notes in the high range and bottom of balanced, herbaceous petite wormwood (pontica).

Not as thick and creamy as found in the Pontarlier and other absinthe styles, but falls more into a nice, smooth satin (similar to the mouthfeel Pacifique) with mild tongue numbing.

TASTE 19/20
Floral sweetness, soft anise, refined spice, and hints of citrus, with the pontica again contributing really a great herbal flavor. Refined but deliciously bitter grand wormwood completes the excellent balance, and continues with us through the finish.

This is a wonderful, flowery (this is the 4th time I’ve mentioned a floral characteristic for good reason), feminine absinthe. This gal is soft, clean and wonderfully balanced, but she has plenty of flavor power. I think this absinthe can be equally appreciated by newcomers (possibly even the anise adverse) and experienced absintheurs.

Tasted at aprox 3.5:1 and 4:1 with fountain drip and pitcher pour respectively, no sugar. Batch# 09-2, Bottle 10.

Update: Like it's sibling, Walton Waters, the color has taken on a deep olive hue and the flavors have opened up. Unexpectedly, the wormwood has become really powerful in this one as well (duh, she said so in the description, but the Aa was pretty tame at first). Absinthium and violets= yum!

Green Baron scores Delaware Pheonix Meadow of Love 90 out of 100


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