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Dornier-Tuller Absinthe, circa 1910

Average Score: 92
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Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣ , ♣ Finest and Rarest

Description: According to The Dornier-Tuller bottle is a major rarity, the only sealed bottle of this prestigious high quality Pontarlier marque I've ever seen.


Reviewed by Donnie Darko 8/15/2007

Deeply infused Hazelnut, with bits of brown floaty debris.

Louches too quickly, and is not dynamic, but the louche is thoroughly saturated and opaque.

Louched, it has a unique Hazelnut colour with distinctive peach highlights. It holds light well and looks more luminous than the usually dull tones common to other vintage absinthes. Obviously this peachy amber colour was not intentional for what was originally a green absinthe, but it is very attractive looking nonetheless.

AROMA 29/30
Neat, the aroma is very clean with a seductive fruity perfume. At 2:1, you get pristine anise fruit and wormwood flowers. Outstanding and very focused. At 3:1 the aroma had dissipated, but that's my fault for adding a bit more water than it needed, not the fault of the absinthe.

Velvety and smooth, though not as thick as Pernod Fils or Berger.

TASTE 20/20
Perfectly balanced. This has the best wormwood profile of any Pre-ban Absinthe I've had. It has all the floral and citrusy aspects of top quality wormwood with hardly any astringency and bitterness common to the plant. It's also surprisingly fresh tasting, with very little of the old leather taste that tends to occur with very old absinthes. I wouldn't change a thing about the taste.

Apparently Pernod Fils, Edouard and Berger weren't the only distillers making pristine Absinthe before the ban. This is a top shelf absinthe with a distinctive and satisfying flavour that really shows off the Wormwood without being strident. The medals won in its time are well deserved.

Donnie Darko scores Dornier-Tuller 1910 92 out of 100


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