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Jules Pernod, circa 1910

Average Score: 95
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Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣ , ♣ Finest and Rarest

Description: From This large and prestigious Avignon based distillery was the bitter rival of Pontarlier-based Maison Pernod Fils. Jules Pernod was one of the top half a dozen absinthe brands of the era.


Reviewed by disas 6/3/2008

I consider this to be the perfect pre ban colour. Glorious and perfectly clear amber with some hints at green as the light moves through the glass. No trace of sediment.

Thick, hanging oil trails dance and merge as a opalescent cloud rises from the bottom of the glass .Simply stunning and again close to perfect.

Pre 1915 at its best once more. Peachy hues holding the light, perfectly opaque with a wonderful yet not at all dirty looking thickness.

AROMA 28/30
Before water a delicate (I feel I shall fall back to this word frequently) floral bouquet with as rounded and inviting anise notes as I have ever encountered. As the louche builds the room filling scent only grows more enticing as the true complexity of the aroma revels itself. Very little base is detectable on the nose now and to the floral swirl there is perhaps a suggestion of a fruity taint hinting at the quality of herbs.

Stunning, smooth and coating….I have yet to experience such a perfect Absinthe on the tongue as this.

TASTE 20/20
A delicate and almost feminine floral perfume yet somehow so assertive and complex.
Well integrated to the point of it being very difficult indeed to get a decent grasp on individual flavours.
Of course there are the expected trinity with all being wonderful examples, it is rare to find an absinthe that seems to show off each of these so well at the same time. All are worthy of individual note.
Maybe Angelica adding to the floral complexity and some Melisa in the finish, it is all most illusive and suggests such delicacy of balance.
A very long and pleasing finish.

I don’t know quite what I was expecting when I received my sample. A wonderful pre ban experience of course but I don’t think I was expecting such a glorious example.
Everything about it I think just about right.
The herb bill of wonderful quality and the balance superb, it’s highly complex yet all of those complexities are subtle without being thin or on the wrong side of illusive. In 19/early20th century France…..this would have been my choice.

disas scores Absinthe Jules Pernod, Avignon circa 1910 95 out of 100


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